Sunday, 11 December 2011

America’s next zenith model “Lisa D’ Amato”

Lisa D’Amato sauntered away with the “America’s Next Top Model All Star” peak on Wednesday night, but she persists she does not recognize what occurred with finalist Angelea Preston who was ineligible on the ending for causes that were not completely clarified. 

She also said that she doesn’t know what happened on Thursday and also she added all this are rumors. Lisa hit out member “Top Model” inspects, the Allison Harvard for the title on the CW show and she said that she felt Allison Harvard was her main competition all season long.

 She also said that she and Allison were going head to head in provisions of who got the first calls out on pictures and who won the most challenges.  She said that it is a kind of this sealed validation of being real and accurate to you and working truly hard.

She also accredited Dr. Drew for helping twist her life approximately after a new turn on “Celebrity Rehab.”

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