Monday, 11 April 2011

Thumbs down for huge engagement rings

This change was never expected to happen so soon. But what The New York Post has reported tell that it really has happened. The huge engagement rings are not just fashionable anymore and most of the women are going for simple wedding band instead. Everyone is wondering if the days of huge engagement rings have really gone or is the trend just a sign of economic times.

The article says that lot of ladies in the Big Apple are turning down the flashy rings for many reasons. And it is so obvious that the rest of the people are sure to follow the trend set by New York ladies. “Why go around with a massive diamond on your hand? There's no need to make any kind of statement", asks the bridal blogger Claudia Copquin. Her statement can be considered true and it does make sense. However, the women would surely like to go for a little bling. Well, they want it if the men can afford it!

According to the editor-in-chief of Brides magazine "For most women, the engagement ring is the most important, most loved and often the most expensive piece of jewelry they own... That said, some women just have a more understated way of going through life, and a wedding band is enough for them." The women would probably want to spend the money on house or for their future kids’ education.

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