Monday, 28 March 2011

Latest trends: Men’s take on engagement rings

men engagement ring
The men’s jewelry market continues to grow resulting in an increase in the request for men’s engagement rings. gone are the days when the bride-to-be would be receiving an engagement ring later a wedding ring and the groom would often choose not to even wear a wedding ring. We can undoubtedly say that this generation of men are used to wearing jewelry and would not find it unusual or odd to exchange rings on their wedding day. This tendency can be traced to the desire to symbolize mutual love and commitment that the couple has for each other. And this drives the request for men’s engagement rings.

You may wonder if this is equality at its best or men just wanting a piece of the action. However the end result is that instead of the ring symbolizing that the women belongs to the man, the engagement ring worn by both of them indicates that the couple belong with each other. Men’s engagement rings have a distinct trend though. They are not usually flashy and gaudy but simple and elegant. Men generally request styling of band rings in titanium, palladium and platinum. They may be sometimes embellished by setting with small diamonds to the edge of the ring or set within the band.

There is yet another category that is on the top list. There are men’s engagement rings that would have sections of soft textured finishes and flat court profiles with engraved inscriptions on the inside of the ring band. Men also go for customized rings by involving in the creation of the ring. This in turn increases the personalization factor of the rings. And this process is indeed enjoyed by most of the men.

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